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About Us

San Martin Classics Inc. is a mobile business specializing in the servicing and customization of old cars. Our services are available to collectors and enthusiasts at every level. From museums wanting to display their cars at a show, to the classic car owner wanting their car to run like new. We bring professional service to your location at your convenience.

Our Story

Jacob San Martin, President-  Jacob dedicated his life to the craft at a very young age and his passion has not dwindled. He has 13 years of experience pinstriping and 10 years of experience restoring and serving classic cars. His path into the classic car world began when he learned how to pinstripe at 12 years old and was solidified when he started seriously wrenching at 15.  After graduating high school, he was accepted to McPherson College's 4 year automotive restoration program. His accolades include coachbuilding the nayslayer speedster, building a board-track racer, repeatedly earning the Hagerty scholarship, apprenticing at the Nethercutt Collection and graduating with honors.  He graduated in 2018 with bachelor of science, magna cumlaude. After graduation, he went on to work at the Petersen Museum and various hot rod shops around the Inland Empire in Southern California. 

Jorge San MartinVice President- The "old school" mechanic and jedi master of the wrench with over 50 years of experience. Jorge has been turning wrenches since he could walk and learned the trade from his father Mateo. His mechanical knowledge has come from years of repairing and restoring classic cars for himself and others. Jorge brings the old school wisdom, can do attitude, and mechanical resourcefulness that gets projects done right.


 After working together for so long in many situations the two decided to team up and take it to the next level by providing professional quality for every type of customer: museums, collections, and enthusiasts. San Martin Classics Inc. provides you with convenient service at your facility with only one goal in mind: to get the project done the right way.

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